Gare Bisque Pieces

This Bisque             Can Become This       

Bisque is clay that has been fired at about 1900 degrees Fahrenheit making it solid and ready to be decorated as seen in the left picture above.  We get a large number of bisque pieces from Gare.  These pieces are shown in this section.  The descriptions and prices for the pieces are given below the images.  When you buy bisque you decorate it with glazes compatible with the bisque, cover it with a transparent glaze, and have it glaze fired.  Glaze firing forms the decoration into a glass covering making the piece glossy and foodsafe (if it is dinnerware).

We have a large selection of bisque from Gare which is ready for decoration.

If You are Enrolled in Class Sessions

Individuals enrolled in our class sessions buy the bisque pieces that cost beyond the session's allowance for bisque.  The supplies for decorating the bisque are included in the class cost.  Supplies include:

  • Glazes
  • Underglazes
  • Transparent Cover Glaze for Underglaze (Dazzle Dip)
  • Writers

If You are Not Enrolled in Class Session (Open Studio Individuals and Others)

Individuals not enrolled in our class sessions or enrolled in Open Studio buy the Bisque Pieces and pay a charge for other supplies that covers the cost of those supplies. Generally that cost amounts to a few dollars, fairly inexpensive.  You get the fun of making one or more pieces that have a decoration designed and created by you.  Our facilities help you to do this with guidance, supplies, tools, and equipment.  It is a very relaxing endeavor through which you can express yourself.  On the internet you can find multiple ideas for designs and discussions of many techniques to help in their implementation. 


Purchasing Bisque

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Gare bisque is for sale through Joy Ceramics.  The items that we have in stock are given in the left menu under Gare Bisque.  (there is a chance that they could be sold out but we will have them on order if they are).


Give decoration of bisque a try!!