Wheel Throwing Studio

Throwing Studio

The wheel throwing studio has 5 potter's wheels in it.  It has a large 3' x 3' plaster table.  It also has the small equipment used in wheel throwing such as bats (put on the wheel before putting on the clay so that the piece can be removed once done), trimming tools, buckets, tools for making and painting colored slips, griffin grips (used to trim pots), Bailey Quick Trim II (used to trim pots), grinding disks, bottles for slip trailing, etc.

The Wheel Throwing Studio

In this studio one wheel has the equipment to create earthenware plates that match a mold pattern such as a plate.  It does not work well with stoneware as the plates distort at the higher temperature to which stoneware is fired (unless you like distorted plates, kind of interesting).  Some of the wheels have Strong Arm Centering and Opening tools which make it much easier for an individual to center and open the clay.  Centering and opening are two techniques used at the start of pot throwing.  They are usually the hardest to master in terms of strength needed, particularly when trying to center a larger lump of clay   This studio also has many, many shelves for drying pieces.  It has a large double sink with a Glecko trap that prevents clay from entering the waste system of the building.

As can be seen there is a nice view of the outdoors through the large windows in the studio.  It is a very nice atmosphere in which to work.