Welcome to Joy Ceramics.    

Our Etsy Site now has a few items on it.  You will find Christmas Trees, outdoor decorations, and dining sets there.  We are presently determining which craft fairs and shows we will attend this year.  Some of our pottery will be displayed on Aftcra.com as well as the items on Etsy.  Aftcra has only American made crafts much like Etsy did when it first started.

Our Etsy Site can be found at: Etsy Site

Aftcra is being set up and a link to our store will show up here once there is something in it.  I believe that we will be able to have the store set up to allow free pick up at our studio.  Packaging and mailing is expensive and time consuming.

Joy Ceramics is a family owned business.  We provide the following services and products:

  • Wheel thrown and hand built pottery

  • Slip Cast ceramics

We have moved to Greenfield, Massachusetts and are building a new studio.  It is a fairly large house addition, two stories, facing south, and connected to the back of the house.  It has solar panels on the studio roof (36 of them) which will give enough electricity to heat the house and studio (we hope). 

We can be contacted at Donaldjoy@joyceramics.com


Our address is:
              4 Brookside Avenue
              Greenfield, MA 01301

Email: DonaldJoy@JoyCeramics.com

Joy Ceramics works in the following

  • Wheel Thrown and Handbuilt Pottery

  • Slip Casting