Welcome to Joy Ceramics.   

Our Etsy Site now has many items on it.  You will find bowls, glaze layering bowls, plates, Christmas Trees and dining sets there.  Our plan is to sell through Etsy for the near future.  Many items have yet to be placed on the site and are appearing weekly.  There will be a discounted section listed on the left side of our Etsy home page soon.  They are items that we used to take to craft fairs and that have been boxed up for several years and are being sold at a discount.

The Etsy Site can be found at: Etsy Site

Joy Ceramics is a family owned business.  We provide the following services and products:

  • Wheel thrown and hand built pottery
  • Slip Cast ceramics

We have moved to Greenfield, Massachusetts and are building a new studio.  It is a fairly large house addition, two stories, facing south, and connected to the back of the house.  It has solar panels on the studio roof (36 of them) which will give enough electricity to heat the house and studio (we hope). 

We can be contacted at Donaldjoy@joyceramics.com