Don and Cindy Joy run Joy Ceramics. It is a family business.

Our address is:
              43 Peach Farm Road
              Oxford, CT 06478

Phone: 203-888-6936


Joy Ceramics works in the following

  • Wheel Thrown and Handbuilt Pottery
  • Classes in Ceramics (Computers also)
  • Slip Casting from Vintage Molds (you should see our Christmas Trees and Santa figurines)
  • Paint your own bisque and classes
  • Color Ceramic Decoration from Photographs and Digital Images


The business began 25 years ago in Rohnert Park, California. For relaxation and entertainment after teaching classes at Sonoma State University Don took lessons in throwing pottery at the local community center. After a few weeks he found that he had a knack for throwing pottery and was throwing larger shapes. Eventually Don and Cindy began selling pottery at craft fairs partnering with Irwin Joy, Don's father, who was selling his woodworking. Now we were hooked, Don loved throwing, found that it was very relaxing, and we had an outlet to sell the work made.

We moved back to the East Coast after 2 years and continued to sell our pottery at craft fairs in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut. That was many years ago and we began attending craft fairs regularly. Over the years we have continued to sell the work and the ceramics work has gone in many directions. For example, there has been time to work with painted slips, underglazes, overglazes, sagraffito, marbling, and many other techniques for decoration.

Using the glaze program "Digitalfire Insite" we began to work on glazes using both glaze calculations and glaze tests. These days our glazes are formulated using both. The glaze calculations are interesting because using them one can tell the level of fluxes, silica, and alumina in the glaze and work with food safe glazes.

Don and Cindy have two children Christopher and David, one living in Massachusetts and the other living near them in Connecticut. Their grandchildren love to stay over with Grampee and Omi. Don was "grandfather" for a number of years until grandchildren Nathan and Lucas determined that they could come up with their own favorite name. A while back the favorites were Grampee and Grampoo, it seems like they have settled on Grandbum now. Cindy liked the name "Omi" better than Grandmother and it has stuck. Don has worked over the years as a Computer Science and Software Engineering Professor, having a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. He has also worked for numerous companies in software development. Cindy loves genealogy and tracing the history of families and regions of New England.

Joy Ceramics

Several years ago Don decided that it would be interesting to move away from Computers and Software development and more fully into ceramics. As things were going he would work as a consultant for one company. Then take several months off to work on pottery and then find another consulting job. We went to the City of Oxford, where we live, and got permission to set up a home business that would include making ceramics and teaching ceramics and computers from our home.

We found a couple in Maine who was closing their business and bought their pottery molds and slip casting equipment. 2000 vintage pottery molds were included in this purchase. Slip casting complements our wheel thrown and hand build pottery. We are also working with creating slip casting molds of our own.

Since Don loves computers and software we purchased a Digital Ceramics Decal Printer that can print any computer image including photographs on decal paper making it transferable to a ceramic piece. The piece is then fired causing the image to become permanent on the ceramic ware.  This brings up many possibilities for decorating ceramic pieces.

We hope that you enjoy working with us and find uses for the ceramics we produce and will be producing.

Don and Cindy Joy